Home Staging Consultation Services

Occupied Consultations

The purpose of a consultation is to provide you with information, advice, and suggestions to get ready for the MLS Photo Shoot. Selling a home while living in it can be overwhelming. Most people simply don’t know where to start, and ​it is ​ difficult to be objective when it’s your personal space. if you want to achieve top dollar for your property, you need to be objective, and we provide it! We help you formulate your plan for success!

Standard Service: You will be taking notes for your reference. Properties up to 4000 square feet. Please allow 2.5 hours. Properties over 4000 square feet require more time and will incur an additional fee.

The Action Plan Consultation

Not a note-taker? With this service, a detailed Action Plan will be developed and emailed to you. The report outlines the customized, recommended steps to take to ensure top dollar!


Virtual Consultations

We offer virtual consultation services. Please click the Request a Consultation Button to book your appointment